Meadow in winter with snow over the plants.

The Bee Winterwise tool allows you to explore the data that has been provided by the Pennsylvania Beekeeping Management Survey. The data has been provided by hundreds of beekeepers since 2017.

Winter honey bee colony survival by PA county charts and graphs.

At a Glance

On the first tab, you can explore the winter survival rates for each county in Pennsylvania for each year and explore how Varroa mite management influences survival rate.

Varroa mite treatment analysis charts and graphs.

Varroa Mite Treatment

On the second tab, you can see how different Varroa mite management strategies influence winter survival, and the types of treatments used by beekeepers in Pennsylvania.


Learn more about the survey analysis in this Penn State news story:

Combining pest treatments may be key to helping honey bees survive the winter

If you are interested in contributing to the survey, use the link below.

The survey is open every year from April until June.

For more information about the survey, please contact Robyn Underwood

Bee Winterwise was designed by Darcy Gray and is made possible by a grant from the USDA AFRI Data Science for Food and Agricultural Systems program (#2021-67021-34146) to C. Grozinger, A. Robinson, V. Khanna and S. Goslee.